If you want to enjoy more of your life then it is important that you are in the right physical shape to do it. The other advantage, of course, is that you are less likely to become unwell if you are in shape and you will be able to enjoy more activities with your loved ones. It really can be as simple as just making a small adjustment to your daily routine and you will feel a big improvement.


Going for a daily walk

A simple one to start with is to go for a daily walk. If you have a dog then chances are you already do this. But if you do not then think about making this part of your daily routine. There might be a family member who would like to join you. Maybe there is a friend or a workmate who want to do this as well. It really is simple and an enjoyable way to boost your metabolism. If you are a mother with a young child there might even be a mother’s walking group you can join. There are many walking groups for retirees too.



If you enjoy swimming then this is a very healthy option. To Swim you basically have two options: You can Look for a local pool where you will feel comfortable swimming, or you can try yo buy an home above ground pool , though it should be very strong and wide (The bigger models of intex). Some of them offer great incentives if you want to go there regularly with options for multiple visits or a season pass. If you are not a confident swimmer there could be a swim group you can join to help you improve your swimming styles. These are for all age groups so there is no need to feel embarrassed. Starting off with a few laps each day will build up over time. Swimming is also excellent because it takes the strain of gravity off your joints and muscles. You will find that your strength and your lung capacity will increase quickly.



Starting the day with some exercise might not be so easy on those colder mornings but it is a great way to kick-start your metabolism. It might take you a while to get used to this change in routine but it will certainly be worth it. Some people prefer to do their exercising at the end of the day, so if you find you are not a morning person then there is an effective alternative. You can follow a simple exercise routine and there are many of them online. Just remember that it is always good to stretch before you start and allow your body to get a bit warmed up. You might feel tired when you first start doing your exercises but you could be surprised just how quickly you start to see and feel the benefits.


Try riding a bicycle

If you have the needed sense of balance and feel confident in getting on two wheels then try riding a bicycle. If you have bike paths in your area then this is a fantastic way to get out there and explore. If you have not been riding for a while you might find yourself a little unsteady at first and your legs could feel a bit like rubber. But before too long you will see a hill coming up and know that you are ready for that challenge, and also be able to fully enjoy that sensation as you free-wheel down the other side with the wind rushing past. If you find yourself really enjoying your bike riding you could join a local cycling group. You might even have seen them at a local cafe at the end of a ride.


Take up a sport or go dancing

There are all kinds of sports that you can try. If you are into team sports then you could consider flag football where there is no contact but you will need to run. Maybe shooting a few hoops might be more your thing and you could ask friends to give it a go. There are indoor soccer groups that play regularly and you can feel safe that the indoor version is on a much smaller playing surface. If you are not the sports playing sort then dancing might be an alternative. There are dancing classes available and if you have a partner who wants to join you then there could be sparks flying all over again.
It is important that you do not rush into an activity full of good intentions and push it too hard because that could lead to pain and a sudden drop in enthusiasm. Set some goals for yourself and see if you are able to stick to them. Having somebody else to share the experience with can be very motivating as well. Take advantage of what is around you and enjoy getting into a simple routine that will not only make you feel better, it will be better for your health too.

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