5 Ways to Prevent and Cure Hair Loss



At some point in our lives, most of us will lose a great portion – if not all – of our hair. It might already be the case for some of the readers. It is mostly genetics that is at fault (why are you doing this to me dad), although various other factors can affect hair loss such as stress. However, there are things that you can do to prevent hair loss and there are even hair loss cures out there so you never have to go bald. Here are five of the most popular ways people keep their hair on their heads.


You have probably heard about these on your TV. There are shampoos in the market that claim to make your hair stronger and shinier and if they are used as a preemptive measure, then that’s a pretty wise choice! They typically require that you use them every time you shower, so you might want to throw away any other shampoos you have and buy exclusively a particular shampoo. It doesn’t seem like a huge tradeoff to have more lasting beautiful hair.

Eat a lot of protein and healthy fats

This is a preventive measure, as eating protein and healthy fats will make your current hair stronger. It should not be taken lightly though, because by not eating them, chances are you’re neglecting Vitamin B which will inhibit your hair from growing back again naturally. If you don’t want to convert to more expensive hair loss cures in the future you should eat properly.

Consider taking medicine

There is a variety of medicine available in the market for hair loss, and there are some popular brands out there that you can try out for yourself. Since they tend to have visible effects after a few months, you will need to be patient and they might not even work for you. Therefore, they could end up wasting your money and time. Nevertheless, some people are pretty pleased with the results so I’d say it’s worth giving a shot.

Hair transplant

When you are suffering from significant hair loss already, hair transplant is there to save you. The procedure is all about taking skin with hair or hair follicles from the back of your head (or hair follicles from other parts of your body such, as your chest and pubic area) that get transplanted in the areas where hair is sparse.

This is more of a last resort since this is a surgery and expect that it’s going to cost you 4 figures.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

If you don’t have extreme hair loss and just sparse hair here and there then this option can be fitting for you. Some studies have found evidence that this kind of treatment works, but it is more or less an undetermined result because of many mixed studies and possible bias from researchers. If you take such a treatment then you might be boosting your regrowth. However, I believe it needs more time to be researched if you ask me.

We all want to have a head full of hairs. Whatever your current condition is you can prevent/cure your hair loss with the tips above. Even a completely bald man/woman can recover his hair with modern surgical techniques. I hope I gave you insights on what cure is more appropriate for you.

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