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How Saw Palmetto can bring your hair to life


Hair loss can be a common problem for men and women when they get older, with men experiencing a balding shaped “M”. Women can experience a reduction in the thickness and volume of the hair but very rarely become bald. There are now many treatments that fight against this hair loss. Drugs are available, as well as surgery, but it can be expensive, and therefore many people choose to take supplements like Saw Palmetto to slow hair loss or even promote regrowth.

How does the hair loss happen? 

Hair loss in men as in women is called androgenic alopecia, and it is related to a hormone called “testosterone”. When testosterone in the body is mixed with an enzyme called alpha-reductase type II, they form a molecule called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has been linked to male and female pattern baldness. Saw Palmetto, a small native plant of America could block the formation of DHT and therefore reduce hair loss in the same way that drugs are used to treat hair loss problems.

What evidence exists to support the Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto is the extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. Rich in fatty oils and phytosterols, it has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times by the American Indians, Mayans and the Seminoles. It is also used in alternative medicine to treat a variety of diseases and is a popular base of plants to cure for benign prostatic hyperplasia. It may be an effective treatment to reduce hair loss in men and women. Studies have shown that it could inhibit baldness related enzymes and a study of 10 men with moderate hair loss showed an improvement in their condition. Participants had to take the supplement 2 times daily for a few months and 60% saw an improvement. Besides being related to treatment of hair loss, Saw Palmetto may also relieve bladder infections, loss of libido, and improve prostate health.

How to take Saw Palmetto?

Before taking new supplements, it is important to consult your doctor to make sure there are no problems. Saw Palmetto is available in different forms such as tablets, powder capsules and liquid extracts. The tablet is the most available form and experts recommend taking 160mg of Saw Palmetto twice daily. It is generally considered safe but is not recommended for children.

In summary, Saw Palmetto may be effective as a herbal remedy for men and women who wish to reduce their hair loss and is a popular alternative to more expensive treatments and risky surgeries.

How is it better than other hair loss treatments?

Most hair loss treatments can be time consuming, can have side effects or all three. Common treatments for hair loss are allopathic medicines, herbal remedies like packs of hair or hair transplant. Most allopathic drugs for hair loss are expensive, must be taken for a long time to be effective and can have adverse side effects. Sometimes they might even not work. However, Saw Palmetto is not that expensive and is a herbal remedy that has little or no side effects.



The importance of inversion table

When you think of visiting your doctor’s office you are probably reminded of the numerous illnesses that one experiences over the years. You might be surprised to learn, however, that while colds are the number one reason for a doctor’s office visit, lower back pain is a close rival. This back pain affects millions of people all around the world. It is a diverse issue that does not discriminate and affects people of all ages. Lower back pain cause can be traced back to multiple different factors. Typical causes of lower back pain include:

A possible deterioration of the vertebral discs
• Smaller nerves in the lower back being irritated
• Large lower back muscles could be strained
• Bones or ligaments could be damaged
• Injury related to back pain
• Poor posture
• Heavy lifting

As you are probably aware, one of the quickest answers to back pain is the use of one or more pain medications or muscle relaxers. These can become highly addictive, however, and their long-term use is not recommended. Developing an addiction to pain medication can be extremely dangerous. The alternative is surgery, however, many find it to be too expensive or they cannot afford to take the time off from work. Sometimes surgery can even cause more significant problems down the road, leaving the patient worse off. For others out there experiencing issues such as sciatica, surgery is very rarely the right choice. Due to these limited options, people quickly began searching for a better resolve.

The inversion table was created as a noninvasive alternative to help relieve people of the menacing symptoms caused by lower back pain. Inversion therapy is the practice of hanging by your feet on a padded table that is connected to a metal frame equipped with hinges. Once your feet are strapped in and you are in position, all of the pressure is taken off of your ankles and feet, causing little to no strain on your extremities. The inversion table allows you to go from standing up, to laying horizontally, and finally, you are suspended upside down. The act of hanging from the inversion table allows you to decompress and stretch the muscles in your back, unloading all of the pressure and stress one experiences on a daily basis.

The back is one of the largest parts of the human frame, and it is here that many carry their tension. Hanging upside down can effectively increase the gravitational traction in the spine, successfully relieving your lower back pain. Once you are strapped in and positioned correctly, your joints and muscles are allowed to stretch and expand, releasing tension. Inversion tables deliver many benefits to people with an array of physical issues. Besides assisting in the relief of lower back pain, it can also aid those suffering from kidney stones. Along with treatments such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy where the kidney stones are broken up, inversion therapy can help get the stones out easier. For gettung less traction,  for kidney patients (less pressure on the ankles and the joints) you can us an inversion chair.

If you are one of the millions of back pain sufferers out there, picking up an inversion table might be the solution you are looking for. Each individual is unique, and a person’s back pain can be attributed to several different factors. This is why it is important that you discuss all health issues with your doctor before deciding on a treatment regimen. If you and your doctor decide that you are in good enough condition for an inversion table, why not give it a try today? Not only will it relieve back and neck pain, but it strengthens ligaments as well. With numerous proven health benefits, you cannot go wrong.


5 Ways to Prevent and Cure Hair Loss



At some point in our lives, most of us will lose a great portion – if not all – of our hair. It might already be the case for some of the readers. It is mostly genetics that is at fault (why are you doing this to me dad), although various other factors can affect hair loss such as stress. However, there are things that you can do to prevent hair loss and there are even hair loss cures out there so you never have to go bald. Here are five of the most popular ways people keep their hair on their heads.


You have probably heard about these on your TV. There are shampoos in the market that claim to make your hair stronger and shinier and if they are used as a preemptive measure, then that’s a pretty wise choice! They typically require that you use them every time you shower, so you might want to throw away any other shampoos you have and buy exclusively a particular shampoo. It doesn’t seem like a huge tradeoff to have more lasting beautiful hair.

Eat a lot of protein and healthy fats

This is a preventive measure, as eating protein and healthy fats will make your current hair stronger. It should not be taken lightly though, because by not eating them, chances are you’re neglecting Vitamin B which will inhibit your hair from growing back again naturally. If you don’t want to convert to more expensive hair loss cures in the future you should eat properly.

Consider taking medicine

There is a variety of medicine available in the market for hair loss, and there are some popular brands out there that you can try out for yourself. Since they tend to have visible effects after a few months, you will need to be patient and they might not even work for you. Therefore, they could end up wasting your money and time. Nevertheless, some people are pretty pleased with the results so I’d say it’s worth giving a shot.

Hair transplant

When you are suffering from significant hair loss already, hair transplant is there to save you. The procedure is all about taking skin with hair or hair follicles from the back of your head (or hair follicles from other parts of your body such, as your chest and pubic area) that get transplanted in the areas where hair is sparse.

This is more of a last resort since this is a surgery and expect that it’s going to cost you 4 figures.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

If you don’t have extreme hair loss and just sparse hair here and there then this option can be fitting for you. Some studies have found evidence that this kind of treatment works, but it is more or less an undetermined result because of many mixed studies and possible bias from researchers. If you take such a treatment then you might be boosting your regrowth. However, I believe it needs more time to be researched if you ask me.

We all want to have a head full of hairs. Whatever your current condition is you can prevent/cure your hair loss with the tips above. Even a completely bald man/woman can recover his hair with modern surgical techniques. I hope I gave you insights on what cure is more appropriate for you.


Hemorrhoids – Symptoms & Treament


In simple terms, Hemorrhoids can be defined as swollen veins or blood vessel clumps, which occurs mainly in veins just around the rectum or anus. This swelling is noted when the veins literary enlarge and cause stretching of their walls. When the veins swell, the walls becomes thinner than usual, and cause a certain irritation when stool pass. Hemorrhoids can also be categorized into two; that is external and internal Hemorrhoids. They are caused by chronic diarrhea or constipation, aging, anal intercourse, genetics or even pregnancy. If you are wondering on what are Hemorrhoids, then you have the answer; however, read on for more info about the same.


Just like any other disorder, Hemorrhoids can be identified through their symptoms. Patients will experience signs such as tremendous itching, pain and continuous irritation at anus peripheral. The disorder also causes a painful or itchy swelling or a lump near the anus. Hemorrhoids also cause painful bowel movement and fecal leakage, and after a bowel movement, a patient might experience blood on his or her tissue. Fortunately, the only thing to worry about when it comes to this disease is the pain; since it’s not life threatening, and can even disappear without treatment. Only that, since a person who has this disorder will lose blood, it is possible for the person to develop anemic symptoms such as having a pale skin or being weak. However, even though this disorder can disappear on its own, no one will sacrifice to endure the pain that comes with it. That is why, it is necessary for the affected person to go for treatment, in the efforts to get rid of it.

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids

Fortunately, the disease can be treated at either the doctor’s office or just at home. For a person who encounters too much pain, it is advisable for him or her to use the over the counter suppository option, or cream which you can either get from your doctor or pain relieving ointments available in chemists. These medications will get rid of the pain, hence allowing the disorder to fade away. If the above fails, a patient can still visit a doctor in person, for a rubber band ligation. Here, a rubber band is placed at the hemorrhoid circulation. This then automatically shrinks the hemorrhoids. Don’t try this on your own at home. For home option treatment, just increase your fiber intake. The Good thing is that method does not only control the disorder but also prevents any future possibilities of hemorrhoids development. Some of the fiber sources can be pears, brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat, bran, carrots or even buckwheat.




You are here because your stature does not excite you. You are pissed off by your friends who keep calling you ’shorty,’ but then you admire their elongated description that makes them attractive. No need to worry, you can still get taller by a few inches than you are. I will not recommend drugs or surgery; my methods are all natural.

Close those eyes!

Why do you think babies grow pretty fast in just a few days? It is simple. They spend most of their time closing their eyes when asleep. Practice the same. Get enough sleep and trust me, you will wake up one of these days several inches taller.

Keep stretching and touching your toes

Do you remember your childhood game ’touch your toes?’ it is not yet too late to play it. Stretch your hands as far as possible, rotate them on your head then bend and touch your toes with your legs straight. This game is not just fun, but it also pulls the spine making it longer.

Drink! Drink! Drink!  

Watch what you drink. Alcohol is known to limit growth. Are you a victim of liquor? Keep away from it. Instead, take plenty of water. They say eight glasses a day, but I tell you to take ten. Remember you are on a mission; take more to reach your target.

Food is great

Who doesn’t love good food? Most people live to eat. You can be part of that group in this mission. Eating well, and that means healthy food, is a proven medication to tall statures. Avoid junk foods and invest in a balanced diet. Time your schedules, three main meals in a day and healthy snacks and fruits in between.

Sit and stand well!

Am talking about your posture, in some cases, short stature is as a result of excessive bending. Why do they bend? Probably they are shy, or they spend much time staring at the computer or mobile devices. Bending harms your spinal cord making it bow, resulting in your stature seeming shorter than it should. Practice proper posture and your height will get better.

Set aside life stress

Stress is a thief of many good things in life, and this includes the body figure. It is clear the short stature has been giving you sleepless nights, but stress is making it worse. Try to be active through regular exercise and other important activities to keep off your worries. With tension set aside, you are one step ahead of getting taller.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Sing along with me. Jumping is vital in growth improvement. Make it a habit of doing ten good jumps three times a day. I will tell you what my 5-year old niece once said ��’when you jump, your head aspires to be up high. The head then works hard to get taller and reach where it jumped to.”

Keep off the pillow

Pillows are great since they make us feel cozy on our beds. However, even doctors don’t recommend them. With pillows on your head and back, your body does not assume the nature posture it should have. Your back needs to be in a straight manner; the pillow makes it bend.

Say no to heavy lifting!

You are working hard to get taller and not develop muscles. Avoid lifting heavy items. Heavy lifting will compress your joints and cartilage, inhibiting your growth to get taller

Follow these nine tips, and you are guaranteed to grow a few inches taller. Happy growth!!


5 natural ways to get rid of pimples instantly

Pimples are bad for our day. They make us self-conscious, and we keep having this urge to itch the affected area which could get it even more infected and cause us even more discomfort. Thankfully, there are a lot of quick natural remedies you can turn to in order to reduce the damage or even avoid a pimple outbreak altogether. Many of these remedies can be found right in your kitchen or your garden and make searching for natural ointments for pimples an easy task.


Ice is a very useful anti-inflammatory material. We use ice to reduce swellings and a pimple is a swelling of the skin. Ice can do wonders in treating the inflammation and redness of the pimples while allowing the skin to tighten up so that it could expel trapped dirt, excess oil and bacteria. You can use both crushed or block ice, just apply it to your skin for 15 to 20 minutes and feel the relief it delivers to the infected area.


Water in all its forms is great for the skin. Steam is one of the most effective way of cleansing your skin and allowing it to breathe. It can help remove excess impurities, oils and clean the pores. Regularly steaming your face will help you in avoiding any bacterial outbreak and give you a wonderful fresh skin. Whenever a pimple outbreak occurs, warm some water and allow the steam to pass over your face for a few minutes, you will feel fresher and the pimples will be cleaned out of excessive oil.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a great soothing agent for your skin. It is a natural moisturizer and also has healing properties commonly used for the treatment of scars. It helps the skin heal more rapidly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Just apply the Aloe Vera gel to the affected area for 15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water in order to diminish the irritation and redness of the pimples.


Honey is a natural antibiotic and a disinfectant that you can use on your skin to treat acne outbreaks as well as prevent them from emerging. It can be used in two ways. One way is you can use a cotton swab soaked in honey and apply it to affected areas. The other way is to make a mask of honey and cinnamon mixed together and applying it to your face. Cinnamon is an antimicrobial, which means it helps avoid bacteria from infecting your skin and honey is an antibiotic, which means that in case there is an outbreak, it will squash that outbreak out.

Lemon Juice: 

Lemon has a lot of properties that make it a wonderful ointment in case of acne and pimple outbreaks. It is rich in Vitamin C and also in citric acid which means it can act as a germicide on the skin in order to kill the infecting bacteria. It is also an astringent,which means it causes the skin tissues to contract and dry up, thus healing up the wound much faster than normal. Use fresh lemon juice and a cotton swab to apply it to your skin and let it dry.


6 natural ways to get rid of acne

Discovering a pimple or acne zit  before a big presentation, or any other big event can be quite stressful for anyone. Don’t worry. Here’s a list of some easy home remedies to get rid of the little annoyances:

1. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be used to get rid of pimples overnight. Applying ice cubes diminishes inflammation and swelling, reduces redness and improves blood circulation. First, wrap the ice cubes or crushed ice in a clean piece of fabric or washcloth. Then, hold it on the pimple for a couple of seconds. Next, rest for a few minutes, and then reapply.

2. Natural Honey

Another method is applying honey. Take a cotton swab, dab it in natural honey, then put it on your pimple. Let it sit for no less than 30 minutes prior to washing your face with warm water.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps dry and diminish pimples fast. Take a cotton swab, dab it in fresh lemon juice and apply it to your pimple before you go to sleep. You can also apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your pimple overnight and wash with lukewarm water in the morning. However, it’s not recommended for sensitive skin.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is another pimple vanishing treatment. It helps reduce redness and inflammation.The antibacterial properties of the oil help fight the bacteria that cause pimples. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the tea tree essential oil and apply it to your pimple. Wash your face after 15 to 20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, tea tree oil is not recommended for you.

5. Apple Cider

Vinegar WashApple Cider Vinegar contains citric acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid found in many over-the-counter acne products. First, wash your face with water and towel dry. Next, mix 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Then dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to your pimple. Leave the mixture on your pimple for no less than 10 minutes, or leave it on overnight.

6. Aspirin

Aspirin is another way to reduce the appearance of a pimple. It contains salicylic acid, the same ingredient in many topical acne products. First, crush the aspirin in a glass of water and make a paste. Next, take a cotton swab and apply the paste directly on your pimple. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse the paste off with warm water.
If you’re ever in need of a quick pimple fix before that big presentation or big event, don’t hesitate to try one these home remedies.