Seems funny that the day before we left for mt washington pip and i were wandering through the yard counting the flowers that have bloomed for the annual flower count in the city. we went from counting over 2500 blooms to counting how many feet of snow we could bury our selves in, all in less then 4 hours. it is pure magic, that we can have such a beautiful mountain on the island providing us snow deprived people in victoria with just a taste of winter. also slightly  magical that we can turn around, drive back down the mountain and be back in our warm, sunny spring weather. our family had a wonderful sunny, snowy, love filled weekend. we shared a cabin with grandparents and had so much fun just being together. there were snow ball fights, tours of the little village on sleds, races down the mountain and hikes through the trails. i have almost forgotten the “i am so tired” that echoed through the trails on repeat. it truly was special seeing the kids skiing and spending time in the mountains with their grandparents. we sure hope that this turns into an annual trip together. so often we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us  daily and these past few days have been a  great reminder of that. even the kids couldn’t help but stop, and just stare out into the mountains and remark at how incredible they looked. all told, it was a great way to spend time while the kids were out of school on the teachers strike. somehow we planned the timing of the trip just perfectly. also so much fun to run into so many classmates on the mountain. the kids just had a blast.

for photographers, these images were all edited with the amazing new Red Leaf Studios- Film Solution Actions that were released last week. I have only tried them on these personal family images and i am dying to try them on some portraits as i instantly fell in love with them. they truly are my favorite set by Red Leaf to date and when they came out i have to admit that i secretly thought… why do i need new ones, i love the old ones from Red Leaf, but after using them on just my snapshot family images, i know why… they are brilliant. i LOVE them. i am truly inspired to get out and shoot, just so i can edit my images with the new actions. they are just perfect for my editing style, i just couldn’t be happier with the set.

One Thought on “Hanging on to winter

  1. Janice Koward on July 9, 2017 at 8:40 pm said:

    I do not like winter. I’m cold. And I’m white. And I eat more. So I’m also getting fat. And I hate umbrellas. They always break me. And the cars always drive quickly and spray water on me. And I can not go to the beach. And the air conditioner breaks down suddenly. And takes David to warm up. Then it’s cold when I get out of the shower. And I’m not having fun. And I do not like winter. But what I do not like most is the sudden need for my relationship.

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