lean… well at least that is the plan, i never make new years resolutions, so please understand that this is not one of them! but i have decided to cut a few things out of my life. i know it sounds sad, but really it isn’t. i need to fixate on something anyway and this seems like the perfect thing. first off is spending. we have spent the past year spending way too much money. we have not too much to show for it either. no major purchases, nothing that people walk in the door and say “wow i love your…” not that i care about that stuff anyway, but seriously somehow my husband and i have managed to shop away some pretty good money. new socks, new shoes, new boots, new jackets, new kids clothes, new watches, new cutting boards… while i think it is important to have nice things, i do not think it is important if you have to purchase them on a credit card. so this year for us i would love to make only cash purchases.

so if you are still with me, then that is my number one lean plan.

my number two lean plan is eating. i spent pretty much all of last year cooking up a pretty yummy storm. i loved it. loved cooking, loved sharing it and loved photographing it. but it left me with about 7 extra pounds at christmas time. so i am almost a week into my plan of cutting out sugar and bread/wheat. now i won’t go crazy with my new regime, and i will still cook and feed my kids and family the usual but i will not be eating sugar, just for the sake of eating sugar. nor bread,  i am pretty sure that by cutting out just these two things i will be back to where i was before christmas and maybe even better. so there, i have said it, so if you see me walking down the street with a slurpee and a piece of licorice in hand, and a baguette in my back pocket  you are totally allowed to say something!  and for those of you who say i don’t need to lose the weight, thank you, you are very kind, but it goes with number one. my jeans don’t fit me very well anymore and i can’t afford to buy new ones!

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