Does your child cough at night?  Even when he is not suffering from a cold?

Duncan once had a cough that lasted more than a month.  He was not quite one year old at that time.  We tried giving him all kinds of cough mixtures but none helped his cough.  Finally, a pharmacist recommended an allergy medication.  It worked!  His coughing stopped

Now of course we know better.  Cough and cold medicines are not good for young children.  On his last visit to the doctor, also something to do with his cough, the doctor prescribed an inhaler called Qvar.  So far Qvar has worked really well for him.  His cold related coughs clear quite quickly with Qvar.

I also think that Duncan has some problem with allergies.  He is prone to night time coughing which sounds like dry coughs.  He doesn’t cough during the day so I am not in the habit of giving him his two puffs of Qvar before bed time.  But when his coughing persists, I will wake him up and give him the two puffs.

His dad has allergies and I won’t be surprised if Duncan inherits that gene that is prone to allergies!

I just read something about the relationship between eczema and asthma.  Denice has eczema and she coughs even more often than Duncan does.  The cough seems to be ongoing.  She doesn’t cough for a while and not long after that she will start coughing again.  Qvar has also been quite effective in reducing her coughing, for which I am glad!

This winter, the colds and sniffles in the family weren’t too bad.  Denice was the only one who had to stay home for a few days because of the cold she had.

Let’s hope the rest of the year will be a healthy one for every one in the family!

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